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It is useless to have the most technologically advanced information or sales system on the market, if the interest is not created or if the customer is not connected and that's exactly what Delphinus is changing! You can reproduce any expression and mood thanks to its flexible face and 15 axes of movement in the neck, face, eyes and ears. Its touch sensors will make Delphinus recognize when we touch it and its 2 HD cameras allow it to perceive its surroundings and react naturally, creating empathy and more human interaction.

Delphinus will draw everyone's attention, speak to them in more than 20 languages, comment on animated products, videos and content that can be displayed on high-definition screens, take photos and much, much more.

Give a new boost to the way you showcase your company's products. With Delphinus, anything is possible. From point of sale information to storyteller, it will be the highlight of any presentation!

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