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Aelos is our humanoid robot with unique characteristics perfect for the whole family. Not only does it move, but it dance, can also box, play football, sing songs and even tell you stories, all this while teaching the little ones to program with basic principles of robot operation. Learning should always be fun, so we put everything we can in this educational robot.




Talking to robots has never been easy, Aelos has an advanced voice recognition system that allows for an almost natural form of communication. You can ask him how the day is going, what the weather is like or what the stars are made of and Aelos will answer.



Aelos already has some actions planned, but he is thirsty for learning and is constantly learning. You can program Aelos through our application, you can teach it everything you want. We also have a community of users who make new applications available to everyone. Our goal is to teach the children of tomorrow, for this we built the application based on Google Blockly programming language to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Aelos is not only a toy, he is also an excellent teacher.

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